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Interesting Times Magazine #04


After much delay we are finally able to present to you issue #4. It's been a long wait, but on a positive note we beat both the release of Duke Nukem Forever and the 2nd coming of Christ. And it comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Filled to the brim with interesting life lessons, articles and reviews it's sure to blow your mind.

Adventure dad
Life lessons from the far-flung future: What science fiction has taught me about life in the modern world
Life lessons from Robert A. Heinlein, part II
Review: The Art of Shen Ku: The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide of this Planet AKA The First Intergalactic Artform of the Entire Universe
Cyberpunk tribes: From networks to phyles
Id theft Opsec: "The most important question for 2010 is not IF but WHEN!"
The new arms race: Staying ahead of the curve in the pick up community
Fat gripz: a review
Cybergeddon: thoughts on the coming Sino-Anglo showdown
White boy warfare or the "military horizon"
Master of facebook: an interview with pick-up guru Action Jackson
Counter-insurgency lessons for the modern first world citizen
Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small Farm
Medical Tradecraft: What you need to know to make it – or fake it

Language English
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